CGS Tower Networks provides superior next generation network visibility solutions that enable and empower Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics and monitoring tools while reducing costs and complexity. We optimizes the tools layer by providing them with full network visibility and eliminating network bottlenecks in order to ensure maximum performance and benefits.

Passive Network Taps

The Tower Tap™ family is a 4th generation of passive Network Taps, designed with performance, scalability and quality in mind. The Tower Tap™ family provides an identical copy of the network traffic for security, monitoring and recording tools. Tower Tap™ Network Taps enable network infrastructure engineers to deploy decoupled, secure and failsafe test access points across their network quickly, easily and with minimal installation disruption. The high density design of the Tower Tap™ family supports up to 240 Network Taps in a 1RU (19” x 1.75” ) space, dramatically reducing the overall rack space footprint of traditional access methods. Modern data center design architecture utilities the Tower Tap™ family as a demarcation point to reduce the isolation time of performance failures in complex networks. This results in a major reduction in CAPEX and OPEX.

CGS TowerTaps
CGS TowerTaps

Tower Tap™ family exclusive advantages:

  • Integrated Laser shutter for optical safety
  • ‘Push to Open’ ejection mechanism, handle-free design supporting high density and improved fiber management
  • ‘Phase shift’ insertion mode to ease the installation and operation of fibers in dense environments
  • Robust module retention system in chassis for ‘inserted’, and ‘phase shift’ modes
  • Tower Chassis™ 1RU enclosure, with guiderails supporting efficient mix and match of all four module sizes
  • MXC connector based modules, for high fiber density and data rate of up to 1.6Tb per connector
  • Color coding scheme for ease of installation, operation and identification